Come Rope at The Plaza in LAS VEGAS- December 6-7th, 2019!

About Us


We can not wait to finally have one true champion! Breakaway Roping has become one of the biggest events in Junior rodeo, High School rodeo, and College rodeo. After college rodeo there is a void in a nationwide, especially world wide platform to have a champion. Women disperse to their different regions where so many amateur rodeo associations get to see the talents continue to compete. We have created a roping that brings every region of breakaway roping together on one stage! We have want the baddest girls from all over the world to go at it on 3 head and a short round to see who is the Queen of Breakaway Roping for 2019. The only way to qualify is to win your respective rodeo association or major breakaway roping (list to follow). Any association or roping event that wants their champion represented must contact Rope For The Crown.