"Crown the Queen" during the Champions Dual- LAS VEGAS!

2019 Qualifying Association's & Roping's


Here is a list of the associations and roping's that will be sending their champion to rope in Vegas (we are waiting to hear back form the few that are not underline). You must win the association year end or win 1st in the roping. If the first place winner can not commit to their spot, we will drop down until the spot is filled. Should a lady double qualify, you will represent your event that was first qualified.

This list is not complete or final. If you have any other associations or ropings that you feel should be represented, please feel free to contact us. Remember, the association or roping can not have any handicaps or invitations whatsoever. If you qualify for Rope For The Crown, it is because you did it on an open women's platform. Examples of associations not eligible would be- NIRA or High School Champion, due to the champion only competing against their age competition. Also, Ropings such as the Windy Ryon or Spicer Gripp because they are invitational and limited entries.     


Bad Girls Breakaway Roping

Big Ben Tennessee Roping

BFI Breakaway Roping- Reno, NV-  June 27th, 2019

California's Richest Breakaway Roping - Tres Pinos, CA- July 11th, 2019

Caring Cowboys Breakaway Roping

Harmon's Ranch Ladies Breakaway- January 20, 2019

Clem Kayser Memorial Roping- May 5th, 2019
Future Stars Calf Roping- Guthrie, OK- May 24th - 27th, 2019

Joe Beaver's Labor Day Weekend Open Breakaway- Glen Rose, TX- August 31-September 2nd, 2019

Joe Beaver Easter Weekend Roping- Alvardo, TX- April 19-21, 2019

Johnny Wayne Hampton Memorial Breakaway- Stephenville, TX- dates coming soon

Mackay Toyota Nebo APRA Rodeo (Australia)

North Dakota Blitz

Patriot- February 2019

Rafter L Ropings

Rising Stars Calf Roping- Nov 28th - Dec 1, 2019

Rope Like a Girl Open Breakaway 

Robertson Hill Ranch Corrientes Open Breakaway-Perrin, TX-  May 23rd, 2019

Seth Broesche Memorial Breakaway Roping- February 2, 2019

Shirley Williams Memorial

Splice Breakaway Roping (Australia) 

Three Star Memorial Breakaway- February 16th, 2019

Tiedown Canada- High River, AB- July 4th, 2019

Tres Rios Roping

Triple H Roping

West Hills Bad Girls Breakaway Roping- Coalinga, CA- March 24th, 2019

Why Not Cowboy Classic- June 28th, 2019

Whitehall Fall Classic Ladies Breakaway

World's Richest Breakaway


ABCRA- Australia

ACA- Arkansas Cowboys Association

ACRA- American Cowboys Rodeo Association

APRA- American Professional Rodeo Association

APRA- Australian Professional Rodeo Association

ARA- Arkansas Rodeo Association

Columbia River Circuit

CPRA- Colorado Pro Rodeo Association

CPRA- Cowboys Professional Rodeo Association

CRRA- Cowboys Regional Rodeo Association

Foothills Cowboys Association- Canada 

GCPRA- Grand Canyon Pro Rodeo Association

HRA- Heartland Rodeo Association

IMPRA- Inter Mountain Pro Rodeo 

IPRA- International Professional Rodeo Association

IRA- Interstates Rodeo Association

IRCA- Iowa Rodeo Cowboys Association 

KPRA- Kansas Pro Rodeo Association

Lakeland Rodeo Association- Canada

MRCA- Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association

MRA- Minnesota Rodeo Associationhttp://www.northernrodeo.com" rel="noopener" target="_blank">
NWRA- Northwest Ranch Association

NMRA- New Mexico Rodeo Association

NSRA- Nebraska State Rodeo Association

NDRA- North Dakota Rodeo Association

Pro West Rodeo Association

SDRA- South Dakota Rodeo Association

SPRA- Southeastern Professional Rodeo Association 

TSRA- Tri State Rodeo Association 

URA- United Rodeo Association

UPRA- United Professional Rodeo Association

Wilderness Circuit

Wildrose Rodeo Association- Canada

http://wpra.com/index.php/schedule-selected-category?type=all&circuit=roping" rel="noopener" target="_blank">WPRA- Women' Professional Rodeo Association

2018 Qualifying Associations & Ropings


California's Richest Breakaway

Charlie One Horse Reno All Girl Breakaway
Future Stars
Joe Beaver Labor Day Breakaway
Johnny Wayne Hampton Memorial
Phil Fifer Memorial Tiedown & Breakaway
Mike Johnson's Worlds Tuffest Open Breakaway
Rising Stars
Roy Cooper 4th of July Open Breakaway
North Dakota Blitz
Shirley Williams Memorial
Seth Broesche Memoria
Triple H Roping
Three Star Memorial
Tie Down Canada Classic
Tres Rios Ute Mountain Open Breakaway

West Hills College Rodeo- Summer Showdown
Why Not? Cowgirl Classic
World's Richest Breakaway

ACA- Arkansas Cowboy Association
ACRA- American Cowboys Rodeo Assoc.    
APRA- American Professional Rodeo Assoc.    
ARA- Arkansas Rodeo Association
CPRA- California Cowboys Pro Rodeo Assoc.    
CPRA- Colorado Pro Rodeo Assoc.
CPRA- Cowboys Professional Rodeo Assoc.    
CRRA- Cowboys Regional Rodeo Assoc.    
Cody Ohl Open Breakaway Ropings
Columbia River Circuit Breakaway Roping
GCPRA- Grand Canyon Pro Rodeo Assoc.    
Heartland Rodeo Association
IMPRA- Inter Mountain Pro Rodeo   
ICA- Iowa Cowboys Assoc.    

IRA- Interstates Rodeo Assoc.    
IRCA- Iowa Rodeo Cowboys Assoc.  
KPRA- Kansas Pro Rodeo Assoc.  
LRCA- Louisiana Rodeo Cowboys Assoc.    
MRCA- Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Assoc.    
MRA- Minnesota Rodeo Assoc.  
NRA- Northern Rodeo Assoc.
NMRA- New Mexico Rodeo Assoc.
NRCA- Northwest Ranch Cowboy Assoc.    
NSRA- Nebraska State Rodeo Assoc.
NDRA- North Dakota Rodeo Assoc.
Pro West Rodeo Association        
Rafter L Ropings
SDRA- South Dakota Rodeo Assoc.  
SPRA- Southeastern Professional Rodeo Assoc.     
URA- United Rodeo Assoc.    
UPRA- United Professional Rodeo Assoc.   
WPRA- Wilderness Circuit
WPRA- Women's Professional Rodeo Assoc.